Los Gatos Yacht Club 2017 Gromeeko Race

  • Each skipper is responsible for getting a completed liability waiver statement to the race committee before or immediately following the race. Pease note that all crew members must sign this statement before the race begins.
  • The start time for the first boat will be 11:00 AM. Start is a Bermuda or staggered start, i.e. the boats start based on their PHRF (highest PHRF starts first, next lower PHRF boat starts at a time based on the PHRF difference and course length). This gives the following start times:
  • First boat across the finish line wins.
  • Race Instructions:
    • BE SAFE and have fun -- everyone on a boat is required to wear a PFD while on deck.
    • It is an honor start -- if you start early, go around the start line and restart at the proper time.
    • The official "clock" is GPS local time; please record your finish time to the closest second.
    • Race Course: The start/finish line is between YRA mark "X" (Yellow/Blue Sphere "X" - Golden Gate Yacht Club) and the bridge deck flagpole at the Golden Gate YC; the Sphere "X" is left to starboard. The first mark is Harding Rock Buoy (YRA 17), left to starboard. The second mark is Blossom Rock Buoy (YRA18), left to starboard; then to the finish line off the Golden Gate YC. Alcatraz Island is to be left to starboard. Course length is approximately 6.2 NM.
    • Spinnakers are not permitted. Race will be governed by the rules as defined in the current version of Racing Rules for Sailing.
    • Race communications will be handled on VHF on channel 72. All race skippers must check in with the race committee at the GGYC dock or via VHF prior to the race. If a boat retires from the race, the skipper must notify the race committee. Finish times/positions will be verified with the race committee at the GGYC dock after the race.
    • Any protest brought forward requires purchase of a round of drinks for the race committee members before the protest will be heard.
  • The first boat from the Los Gatos Yacht Club to finish is awarded care of the Gromeeko Perpetual Trophy (and associated bragging rights) until the next race. A Los Gatos YC boat is one that is owned by a member of the LGYC, or one that has a member on board as skipper for the race.

Club Member
Boat NameSail #PHRFStart Time
1DeNikeNaraganssette - Catalina 3018311:00:00 AM
2TorokSonrisa - Baba 4014411:04:02 AM
3HansellAstrea - Beneteau 373 114011:04:27 AM
4KaledaNuance - Swan 414753410811:07:45 AM
5PhillipsFrequent Flyer - Farr 30525411:13:20 AM
Waiver Form
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